Upgrading from Version 2

If you are currently running The Little Green Button Version 2 you can upgrade to Version 3 completely free of charge. Click here to read about the new features you will find in Version 3.

First you need to download the recommended installation file for Version 3 from The Little Green Button website:


Save the installation file to a shared location on your network or a USB memory stick (simply so that it is accessible from every PC).

You will need to run this installation file on every PC where The Little Green Button is currently installed.

You may be aware that with Version 2 of The Little Green Button, one of the buttons acts as ‘master’ for your site. It is important to upgrade this button to Version 3 first.

To locate your master, right click on any green button and select About:



In the window that opens you will see the location of the master displayed at the very bottom e.g. Master: Manager’s Office.

lgbsetupGo to this master PC, uninstall any older version of Little Green Button first.

Then locate the installation file that you saved earlier and double click to run the file.


The installation wizard begins:



When you see warnings that Little Green Button files are in use, click Continue.


On the Installation Complete window ensure you leave a tick in Launch Little Green Button? and click Close.

install_whereareyou_receptionLittle Green Button Version 3 will now launch and you will be prompted to confirm your location. This location will be taken from your Version 2 button, if it is not correct please click the Add button to type a new location.

In version 3 you can also add a contact telephone number and set your location on a map. This information will be displayed on the alert messages should you activate your Little Green Button.

For guidance please see Setting The Location.

Important: When you update your first Little Green Button it will turn grey after a few moments. It will stay grey until you have updated at least one other Little Green Button. When a Little Green Button is grey this is warning you that there are no users currently available to respond to a request for assistance. Unfortunately our version 3 Little Green Buttons are unable to identify the existence of version 2 buttons on your network.

You can now proceed to upgrade all other Version 2 buttons by going to each PC and running the same installation file.

Your Version 2 buttons will work happily alongside Version 3 so it is not necessary to upgrade all PCs at the same time but obviously you will not have the new features of Version 3 on those PCs that are still running Version 2. However, you will need to upgrade all version 2 buttons prior to your licence renewal date, these buttons will cease to work after this date.

Please see the Using Little Green Button menu for help with the various features of Little Green Button Version 3.