Purchasing the Little Green Button


When your trial expires your buttons simply stop working. They will display a calendar icon to indicate that the licence has expired:

If you decide you would like to purchase a full Little Green Button licence please follow these instructions.

Please note: you can purchase a licence at any point during your trial without losing any remaining free days, they will simply be added to your licence.

 Right click on any button go to Licensing, go across and select View/Amend Details…


Your Little Green Button Management Site will open in your browser. Your administrator will need to log into this area, if this is the first time you have accessed this area you will need to request a password. If you are not sure who your administrator is please use the Contact tab on the left side of the window.

Once logged in, go to the Licence Details tab:



Complete the purchase form with the details of the organisation who will be using the Little Green Button software, if necessary you can specify a different billing address by unchecking ‘Billing address same as above‘.

Then select the licence type required, there are annual and monthly licences (UK only) available, ensure that your licence covers the number of devices where Little Green Button is to be installed.

You will need to agree to the terms and conditions which can be viewed in full by clicking on the link.

Click the Submit button.

A confirmation message will appear:

LGBManagementSite_LicenceDetails_purchased_smallAs it states, your licence will have been updated immediately. An invoice will be sent via email in due course.

Your Little Green Button will automatically pick up the new license when the PCs are next rebooted or once within a 24 hour period whichever is sooner and pass it to all LGBs within your organisation. To force it to update immediately please right click on the button, go to Licensing and click on Refresh: