External switches and strips

Existing customers who have purchased our external panic switches and strips can use these with our latest version of Little Green Button.




If you wish to purchase some optional hardware to compliment your Little Green Button software, please take a look at our Big Green Button or contact us if you require assistance:

If you wish to purchase some optional hardware please contact us on:

Tel: 01263 888365
Email: sales@littlegreenbutton.com


Configuring the hardware

Administrators only can add new hardware or adjust the settings by right clicking on the button and selecting Settings:


Go to the Physical Switches tab:



By default, one entry for Big Green Button will be displayed. Any additional hardware currently connected to this PC will also be displayed in this area.

To amend the settings of a button or switch click to select the particular item and click the physicalswitches_properties button.

To remove an item, click to select it and click the physicalswitches_remove button.

Adding an external switch

Plug the switch into the serial port (or USB port if you are using a serial to USB converter) of the PC you would like to connect it to. The drivers required should be installed automatically.

By default, the switch will be enabled and ready to use. It will be set to use the same location as the button on the PC.


If you want to change the settings

Right click on the Little Green Button, select Settings then click on the Physical Switches tab.


Either double click on the switch you wish to change the settings of, or click to highlight it and click physicalswitches_properties.


By default there is a tick in Enabled?, if you wish to disable the button to prevent its use click to remove this tick.


Its location is…

If necessary you can set the location for this hardware differently to that used for the software. This is designed particularly if the switch has been installed in another room. By default the location will be set to use the same as this computer. If you wish to set the switch with its own location click on the second radio button and either select an alternative location from the drop down list, here you find any locations currently in use for the button on this computer…

…or you can add a new location by clicking add_button


Type a new location in the Description box:


Click OKbutton

Note that you can also set a different telephone number and location on a map:


If an alternative location has been set for the switch, if an emergency is initiated from this device, an alert will also be displayed on the PC to which the button has been connected.


Summon assistance when switch is…

Use this section to adjust the sensitivity level for your hardware i.e. whether it should activate on one press or multiple presses. This may be required if the switch is positioned where it could be easily knocked and activated accidentally.

Click the radio button beside …pressed once to activate the switch with one press.

Click the radio button beside …pressed multiple times to activate the switch with three presses.

Click the radio button beside …pressed and held for {1} second(s) to activate by pressing on the switch for the specified number of seconds, use the arrows to adjust the number of seconds or type a new number in the box.

 Click OKbutton to save any changes you make and close this window.