Optional hardware

We also provide more traditional external panic buttons which compliment our Little Green Button software. These can be placed in a room without a computer or simply in an alternative position in the room. This optional hardware can also be helpful to those users who move away from their PC.

The panic buttons are connected to the PC via the USB port on a length of cable. They come as standard with a 1 metre length of cable but we can provide USB extension cables if required. More than one button can be connected to a PC and if appropriate each can be configured with a different location name.

DSC_0491Big Green Button

For full information and the latest prices please visit www.littlegreenbutton.com.


 panicswitchPanic Switches & Strips

If you have purchased external panic switches or strips from us in the past please note that these will work with the latest version of Little Green Button. For full instructions please click here.

If you wish to purchase some optional hardware please contact us:

If you wish to purchase some optional hardware please contact on:

Tel: 01263 888365
Email: sales@littlegreenbutton.com

How does it work

When the hardware is activated the Little Green Button software works in exactly the same way. So if the hardware shares the same name as the button on the PC to which it has been connected to the on-screen button turns red and alerts are sent to other PCs exactly as if the on-screen panic button had been activated. If the hardware has been configured with a different location name to the PC where it is connected (for example, the hardware has been installed in a nearby room without a PC) an alert will display on this PC also.

For full guidance please see Big Green Button.