Viewing Licence Details

You must be logged in to your Little Green Button Management Site to access the Licence Details tab. Your administrator will be able to log in on the Home tab.

On this tab you will find the details of your licence. If you are currently a trial you will have the option to purchase a licence here.

On the right you can see the details of the organisation that would be billed for your licence. If these are incorrect or have changed please use the Contact tab to inform us.


For full instructions how to purchase a Little Green Button licence please click here.

If you have already purchased a Little Green Button licence your page will look like this:


The top section shows details of your licence, including how many PCs the software can be installed on and when your licence is due to expire.

The licence agreement can be viewed at any time by clicking the link in the section below.

Your Little Green Button licence is automatically renewed to prevent there being any time when it is not working. However, invoices are sent by email approximately 30 days before your licence is due to expire to ensure that you have fair warning. The billing information section will show where the invoices are billed to, if the information displayed here is incorrect please use the Contact tab on the left of the window to inform our Little Green Button staff, who will update your record.