Installing a new button

Little Green Button must be installed locally on each PC by an administrator. To install a new button, go to the PC where you want the software to be installed.

Browse to where you saved the installation file (lgbsetup.exe).

You may have saved this to a shared location on your network or a USB memory stick.

Double click on the lgbsetup.exe file to begin the installation wizard.

Do not worry if you cannot find an existing installation file, you can easily download another from our Little Green Button website by clicking on the following link (or type the address into your web browser):

This will take you to the Downloads page of our Little Green Button website. You should choose the recommended installation file which can be found at the top of the page.

If you are not sure which download link to choose, click on the Exe:



When prompted you should select Save as:


You should save the file to a shared location or your network, or a USB memory stick (simply so that it is accessible from every PC where you will want to install the software.

The installation file will begin to download, when complete you should click on Run.


The installation wizard begins



If you see this security warning click again on Run.


The Little Green Button wizard will begin.

Follow the screens through, accepting the default settings. Therefore, click Next on this screen.

Select the installation folder.

The folder will be automatically chosen for you, if you need to change this click on the Browse button.

When you are happy with the destination folder click Next.


Click Next on this screen to confirm installation.


The installation progress is displayed on the next screen, it is very quick to install.



The installation is complete. Leave the tick in ‘Launch Little Green Button?‘ and click Close.

Set Your Location

You will now be prompted to enter a location for the user who is currently logged in. This is the location that will be displayed on the panic alerts on other PCs if this button is activated.

Click the location_add button.


Type a new location that will be easily recognised and will direct your colleagues to this location quickly.


Here you can see some good examples of locations:



You should avoid using IP addresses and computer names as these may not be familiar to the majority of your staff.

It is also not advisable to use an individual’s name as it is possible that staff move around and there could be confusion about the actual location where assistance is required. You could however use, for example, Janet Jones’ PC or Janet Jones’ Office if this defines a unique location.


Please note, you can configure buttons with identical location names, for example, Reception to prevent alerts being displayed on any computer with the same location name.


install_whereareyou_receptionIf desired you can add a telephone number which will also be displayed on the panic alerts.

You also have the option of giving a map showing your location. If you know them, you can enter the co-ordinates of your location in the Map position boxes. Click the View Map link to confirm that the location is set correctly, if necessary you can use the map to adjust your position.

By default Little Green Button will prompt you to select your location each time the button starts, if the location set here is unlikely to change tick the Don’t prompt for location on this computer box to prevent this dialogue being displayed each time (you will still be able to alter location within Settings should it be necessary.

Click OK when done.

Activate the button

install_licencewizardNext you need to activate this button. You can manually enter the activation code if you have it to hand but as you have already activated other buttons on your network you can select the second radio button ‘There are other Little Green Buttons already….’ and click Next.

If you have already closed the wizard then you can right click on the button in the top right corner of your screen (currently displaying a key symbol), go to Licencing and select Activate.


Any licences already available on your network will be displayed in the next window.


Click to select the licence that you wish to use and click Next.


The licence has been accepted and Little Green Button can now be used on this computer.

Click Finish.

What if there are no other buttons currently on your network?

You should contact your administrator who will be able to access the activation code for you (either from their email sent upon signing up for a trial or by accessing the Little Green Button Management Site via an active button). Alternatively, turn on a PC where the button is already installed.

The green button will appear in the top right corner of your screen:


Important: If your Little Green Button can not find your licence on the network then you can use the activation code again. This may happen if you are setting up a branch site. Your activation code will have been sent to you in an email.

If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.